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Post by Quobble on Fri Mar 06, 2015 10:14 am

Hello! My name is Maximilian Schmitz aka Quobble, I am a 19 year old history student from Germany, NRW [UTC+1].

I am available at my
email: quobbleplays[at]
Steam: Quobble
Skype: Quobble
Whatsapp: [phone number will be given via private messages only]

I finally want to join a group that plays on higher levels of discipline, skill and teamwork than others. I met 4sfg members ingame [TacBf] and was invited to join the group, so far I have no bad experience with other unit members. Why not give it a try?
My recently most played games are Arma 3 and DayZ but I am certainly not only focused on those, I am willing to play other games with the unit if others would like to.

With a roughly estimated participation time of 4 years in Arma and PR:BF2 most of my experience lays in following regions: small reaction forces, mechanised infantry, reconnaissance, air support and demolition.

Despite my big interest on the topic I am not and have not been a member of the [RL] military.

Due to my variable university schedules I am not bound to any bigger time limitations. I am currently building my summer semester timetable, more information will be available in around 2 weeks.

I am looking forward to play with the unit and hope we can have interesting, successful and fun future gameplay together.
Yours sincerely,


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